Cynthia Corbett Gallery: Tales from the North

Contemporary Painting from the Glasgow School

An exhibition of works by Alastair Gordon & Elaine Woo MacGregor presented by Cynthia Corbett Gallery, curated by Daisy McMullan

31 May – 15 June 2024, coinciding with London Gallery Weekend

Open daily, 11am – 6pm, (Sunday 12pm – 5pm)

Cynthia Corbett Gallery proudly presents an exhibition of recent works by two of the UK’s most exciting painters, Alastair Gordon and Elaine Woo MacGregor. The exhibition will take place in the year of the Gallery’s 20th anniversary, two decades on from one of the Gallery’s first exhibitions ‘Young, Female and Scottish’ which also featured work by Woo MacGregor.

This exhibition will feature recent and new works by both artists, exploring the intersection of painting and narrative, both personal and deeply immersed in the context of art history. Both Gordon and Woo MacGregor hail from Scotland, and trained at the prestigious Glasgow School of Art.

More info available here