Jewellery Collective by VS Jewellery School

Vannetta Seecharran is pleased to present a collection of works by former diploma students of VS Jewellery School, London. Based in Hatton Garden the school offers an array of courses from taster classes for the complete beginner to specialist courses including wax carving and stone setting as well as year long diploma courses. Coming together for this exhibition, eight designers, who have all graduated within the last three years, will showcase a diverse body of work reflecting their various passions and influences – from bold geometric forms constructed with precision to free flowing organic shapes that truly are one-of-a-kind. Each designer will bring their own unique style to the show providing an eclectic mix of techniques and materials including hand-pierced and cast metals, resin, textiles and stones. Inspiration is taken from such extremes as nature, childhood ephemera, world conflict, movement and the macabre.


The participants are:

Deborah Crow casts toy soldiers in metal to create powerful images that comment on the cyclical nature of war. Used as a starting point for the designs – and played with by children the world over – the soldiers are a symbol of war but used here as a metaphor for the lost childhoods of the youngest of those caught up in atrocities they couldn’t possibly understand.


Sally Vanderpump

Inspired by Shakespeare’s language of the heart, Sally Vanderpump’s dynamic, sculptural collection explores fragility and vulnerability. Constantly curious about exploring different disciplines, she has experimented with expressive shapes using glass wax and cast glass. Will you wear your heart upon your sleeve?

Sonya Chauhan

Sonya Chauhan’s collection All Burnt Out is inspired by the sudden act of combustion and the alchemical process of transforming matter. She explores the polarities of absence and presence through precious metals joined with contrasting materials from leather to enamel delicately bonded with gold powder.

Jo Baker

Jo Baker grew up by the sea, has worked as an astronomer and writer and has always been curious about natural forms, processes and materials. Her organic jewellery designs exploit chance, serendipity and chaos and seek out beauty in the raw and unexpected.

Charlotte Reichwald

Charlotte Reichwald has always loved to draw but beyond that, despite their seeming mundanity, what pencils represent by way of universality, communication, education and creativity is vast. Handwritten notes, childhood doodles, moments of inspiration; memories and feelings that can be quick to recall. Memento celebrates these moments and the modest pencil that created them.

Nel Holland

With strong aesthetic appeal through considered material manipulation, shape, form and scale, Nel Holland’s aim is to create simple, striking pieces that appeal to the eye, hand and soul: ‘I love the way that jewellery can take so many forms, from a fashion statement to a cherished heirloom, a piece of sculpture to a simple ring band, across infinite materials. The possibilities are endless.

Emily Jefferson

Emily Jefferson’s interest lies in juxtaposing something macabre with something beautiful. Inspired by growths and skin abnormalities she renders them in precious metals to be worn with pride and pleasure.  New works push the idea of distortion, creating work that has been inspired by warped images of the body underwater or through a filter.


Jack Jefferson

Jack Jefferson presents a mixed selection of pieces taken from two collections. The ‘Lava’ collection takes inspiration from the textures and movement of lava flows while pieces from the ‘Contrast’ collection explore different metals and colours on the same piece.