Founded in 2017 by directors Marianne and Panos Nicolaou, 67 York Street Gallery is an independent gallery space in the vibrant Marylebone Village in Central London.

With a keen interest in the creative industries, Marianne and Panos have built thriving design and interior product businesses, all while collaborating closely with talented artists. They deeply understand the challenges up-and-coming creatives face, which led them to conceive 67 York Street Gallery as a platform where their business expertise and love for art and design could come together. Inspired by their Scandinavian and European roots, they have created a space a little different from the typical white cube gallery, embracing a warm and inviting atmosphere inspired by a Scandi design aesthetic. 

Today, 67 York Street Gallery is a thriving gallery showing emerging and established artists through its curated programme of high-quality exhibitions and one-off events. Its mission is to champion artists, makers and creative brands by providing an affordable and beautiful space in one of London’s most desirable districts, enabling them to raise their profile and cultivate valuable relationships. 

At 67 York Street Gallery, we go beyond being just an exhibition space, fostering connections with the artists, designers and brands we exhibit while actively encouraging engagement with the local community.