“The Last Night On Earth” & other stories Exhibition

“The Last Night On Earth” & other stories Exhibition by Lily Hargreaves

In her work, Hargreaves explores the roles of the trope, symbolism and the meta in storytelling. As a result, her work produces cartoonishly surreal depictions of an imagined narrative, set in a time that feels nostalgic and familiar but has never really existed. 

In her latest installation, ‘The last day on earth‘, Lily Hargreaves uses painting, drawing and sculpture to create a high point within her ongoing narrative of a fictional world that plays with its surrounding space as one separate from reality. Fragment-like, each canvas reveals another detail of the storyboard. Self-contained stories create her overarching fictional world that plays with the given (gallery) space in a captivating cinematic quality.  The exhibition comprises three most recent scenes of her ongoing tale: ‘The Makeover’, ‘Elsie’s Funeral’, and ‘The last Day on Earth or The Party at Willowfield Manor’. 
We are delighted to be offering a large selection of 160 excellent works by Lily Hargreaves in our Event Gallery at 67 York Street Gallery.