Artistellar Gallery: Sweet Potion

Sweet Potion presented by Artistellar Gallery is a group show entirely dedicated to emerging female artists. Ella Garvey, Monika Marchewka, Rebecca Foster, Maria Andrievskaya, and Mia Wilkinson will each present paintings focused on exploring femininity, womanhood, and nature, drawing parallels between these subjects of matter.

We personify nature and refer to nature as ‘her’ of ‘Mother Nature’. Similarly to mother, nature is life-giving. We think of nature as strong, but it’s also fragile and vulnerable, similarly to women. A potion is of a supernatural character; it can poison or heal.

The title Sweet Potion sets the style of this fantastical show; magic realism with a side of surrealism. In this tone, these five women artists survey femininity, nature, dreams, hopes, and memories. 


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