Cynthia Corbett Gallery: 'Aspects of Glamour'

Deborah Azzopardi Solo Exhibition: “Aspects of Glamour”

‘America has Lichtenstein, we have Azzopardi!’ – Estelle Lovatt FRSA

Deborah Azzopardi acquired her worldwide fame for the joyous Pop Art images she has created over the past 39 years. Her unique and feminine take on contemporary art is best described by the esteemed art critic Estelle Lovatt: ‘America has Lichtenstein, we have Azzopardi!’ Lovatt goes on to comment: “Sometimes you just want to curl up under a blanket. With a good book. A piece of chocolate. A man. This is what Deborah Azzopardi’s pictures make me feel like doing. They are me. They remind me of the time I had a red convertible sports car. I had two, actually. And yes, they are you, too. You immediately, automatically, engage with the narrative of Azzopardi’s conversational visual humour. Laughter is the best aphrodisiac, as you know. … There’s plenty of art historical references from… Manet’s suggestive ‘Olympia’; Boucher’s thought-provoking… ‘Louise O’Murphy’ and Fragonard’s frivolous, knickerless, ‘The Swing’…. Unique in approach, you easily recognise an Azzopardi picture. … Working simple graphics and toned shading (for depth), the Pop Art line that Azzopardi sketches is different to Lichtenstein’s. Hers is more curvaceous. Feminine.”

The world is familiar with Azzopardi’s artworks, as many of them have been published internationally. Her original paintings, such as the Habitat ‘Dating’ series (2004/08), the iconic …One Lump Or Two? (2014) and Love Is The Answer(2016), created by the artist at the request of Mitch and Janis Winehouse as a tribute to their daughter, are in great demand.

Deborah Azzopardi is represented Internationally by Cynthia Corbett Gallery.