ICS London

‘Behind the Mask’ exhibition.

All of the young artists taking part in this exhibition are highly experimental in their work, using a variety of techniques and materials to explore the depths of the mind. 

There is a strong interest in the relationship between art and psychology and how art can be used to express mental health issues, identity and relationships.

Many of the artworks express the contemporary struggles with mental health felt so deeply especially by young adults. These artists explore their identity in imaginative ways enabling them to incorporate these hidden issues and meanings. Given our modern environment,  it is necessary to confront this subject. These artists have developed the confidence to allow the audience to see their vulnerability through their visual expression of what normally lies behind the mask.

Some of the work expresses this idea also by giving significance to objects and beautiful complex details often missed by people in the everyday.  One of the artists is interested in portraying these tiny details of nature so that the viewer can no longer ignore them.  She does this through photorealism, showing every small detail of the subjects which range from diamonds and irises to close-up views of animals.

Contact: lucinda.metcalfe@ics.uk.net