RCA graduate group show: Aesthetics of Bliss

Although happiness is universally understood and accepted by many, it is incredibly challenging to accept amidst the ever changing social, political and environmental movements. For many artists, depicting joy in everyday life is a statement serving as a reminder that amor vincit omnia – that love conquers all. And if love conquers all, there is one moment of joy filled with crises and turmoil.

Acts of joy often are not always grand gestures, but an act of appreciation for the seemingly mundane. Several artists approach their works in this show with childlike innocence and wonder. Others describe personal relationships of their everyday lives with joy and platonic love before corruption takes hold in daily perception. Aesthetics of bliss is a reintroduction of love, happiness and bliss in everyday life.

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Participating artists from Royal College of Art include:

Alice Zakharenko, Jihyun Kim, Katrina Nzegwu, Art Sokoloff and Ava Tribuson Ovseni.
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