Josh Nickerson: Rhythms

Rhythms solo show by Josh Nickerson

‘When you close your eyes and go into the deep darkness. Electric memories flicker to the surface like wild creatures stirring into life from the subconscious whirlpool. Pieces of lost dreams collide and dance. Places, sounds, colours and emotions float in an energetic cloud that disappears as quickly as it appeared.
For me, painting began as a way of exploring these invisible landscapes. As responses to things close and far away, tangible and intangible. Trying to imagine what explosions in the tiniest cells of your mind might look like. How our synapses might pulse and flicker with waves of magnetic energy. The chaotic nature of ink means that you have to act as a guide when painting and embrace its free flowing alchemical nature. Some of my marks have a coded semiotic quality while others are washed away with water so that only a remnant is left behind. The interplay and relationship between these shapes creates a musical mood where large swooning clouds collide with staccato tendrils.
Thank you for taking time to look at my paintings. I hope they help you drift to strange and wonderful places.’
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